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Distractions Are Avoidable With Focus and Discipline

Do you actually think that you didn’t have an option when you were distracted? The real situation is more likely that you were not focused on your priority. It takes a lot of discipline to identify what’s most important to … Continue reading

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“I am tired”. Really? Well, let me tell you; resting while racing is counter mount to failure. Now that you are facing the reality of your predicament, you think that claiming tiredness is the way out? I will advise you; … Continue reading

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Quote: The Point Of Focus

Quote “If all the attention is focused on the distractions, the point is automatically lost”. Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. Quote: The Point Of Focus

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Quote: How To Identify Importance, Relevance And Significance

Quote “Until everything else becomes insignificant, it is almost impossible to identify the most significant”. Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. A short, simple and clear quote on how to decide, determine or decipher prioriry, importance, relevance, focus, decision, direction, choice, uniqueness, significance, … Continue reading

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Quote: Focus On The Most Important Matters

Quote “Focus on the most important; the most important, matters most.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee.

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Think Your Own Thoughts

Take charge of your mind! A thought just crossed my mind. It is related to Wasted Thought. But this time around, it has to do with channeling or directing our thoughts to the very things that we desire them to … Continue reading

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Formwork For The Future

Without formwork, concrete would remain a shapeless pile. Without a building plan, blocks will remain heaped on the ground. Building requires faith and foresight. A number of bushes can become a palace if only someone can see beyond the present … Continue reading

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Let’s go there!

The mind is still the most powerful tool to harness any kind of result desired. With it you can attract feelings, moods, countenances, arrangements, patterns, structure, relationships, wealth, abundance, tangible and intangible substances. It works by conseptuallizing, focusing and staying … Continue reading

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