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10 Things No One Can Steal From You

How amazing it always is to run into a like mind! I stumbled upon this pretty post and I’m just so excited. There are also people out there that value the things worth much to me. This really is a … Continue reading

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The Convoy!

It’s a beautiful sight whenever a convoy passes by. Have you ever been part of one? Two things happen when you are in a convoy: -Nothing intimidates you along the way; neither distance nor uncertainties, because the surrounding prescence gives … Continue reading

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There Is Always A First Time

I have consistently put up a post at least, every single day since I began this blog. My last post “Forgetfulness” was supposed to be posted on the 25th of February but no post went in for that date. I … Continue reading

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Learn Everyday

Experince they say is the best teacher, try to find a way to keep getting better. One who learns definitely performs, another who earns equally performs. The one who listens learns, won’t you listen? The one who profers solution earns … Continue reading

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