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Life Sms: Exercise Developes Capacity

Life Sms Exercise Developes Capacity Don’t relent with exercising both your body and your mind. Rest has it’s place in building, yet exercise is the chief developer of stamina and capacity. Yes, exercise developes capacity! How well have you exercised … Continue reading


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How To Have A Great Day

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    How To Have A Great  Day….. Get enough sleep…      Don’t forget those morning exercises…      Wash properly and everywhere…         Have a good stretch…      Don’t get out on the…

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If You Don’t Love It, You Can’t Sustain It

What do you consider pain or suffering? Some other people love them! No wonder the saying “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Carrying heavy objects is a nightmare to some people, yet some others have a filled day lifting … Continue reading

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Just as muscles stretch and make the body weary when there is prolonged work, so does the mind stretch under prolonged pressure. And as it is possible to develop muscles and build them strong so can the mind be groomed … Continue reading

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