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Sms: Welcome To A New Beginning

Sms Hello dear, Starting over, receiving a second chance or being given another opportunity to evaluate priorities and make amends, is a new beginning. Welcome to a new beginning! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. The above Sms is simply a reminder that … Continue reading

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Proper Management

While getting things done, always remember that somethings must precede some others while somethings can be done alongside others. For example you don’t need to wait for the water supply before setting-out and excavation is done during drain construction. But … Continue reading

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Wasted Thought

Why think without evaluating? Why dream without pursuing? Why have visualization without realization? Why habour imagination without implementation? If thoughts are the seeds that grow reality, why waste them? If dreams form the world of eternity, try taste them! If … Continue reading

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