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Life Quote: Dreaming And Fulfilling Dreams

Quote Dreaming, Living And Fulfilling Dreams “Dreaming keeps us living and fulfilling dreams make living feel fulfilling.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. Just a quote on living. Life Quote: Dreaming And Fulfilling Dreams

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Find Your Dreams

Everybody has a dream naturally. Many are aware and many are not. The fact that you’ve ever felt threathened, hurt or abused is proof that you have some dreams to defend. The fact that you’ve ever felt excited, hopeful and … Continue reading

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Self Discipline Makes All The Difference!

Just do it! We often know exactly what to do to get what we want but we either procrastinate or remain busy with unrelated tasks. If you are already holding many things in your hand, what are your chances of … Continue reading

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Take Action!

Many of us know exactly what to do to succeed; we just don’t do it. There is always an excuse for not doing the things that we should do. Shun excuses if your goals are worth it. You may know … Continue reading

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Remember! We are only remembered for the things that we remembered to do and not necessarily the things that we intended. Dreams will only remain dreams until something is done about them. Unexpressed talents go to the grave unnoticed and … Continue reading

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Formwork For The Future

Without formwork, concrete would remain a shapeless pile. Without a building plan, blocks will remain heaped on the ground. Building requires faith and foresight. A number of bushes can become a palace if only someone can see beyond the present … Continue reading

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There Can’t Be Progress Without Direction

There can’t be progress without direction. One may be putting in so much effort but if they are not directed towards any particular thing, it will amount to nothing. Working hard without a goal or a plan keeps one at … Continue reading

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Becoming A Star

Many times we feel discouraged that people don’t identify with us. We feel so sure that we have something sound and fascinating to offer but nobody seems interested. We go all out to publicize and create awareness how we know … Continue reading

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Dream Quote

“Dreams are free of charge; dream much! Dream is to life what Capital is to Business and what Seed is to Harvest.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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Free Yourself and Become!

I used to have dreams! It seems like I’ve even lost d time for that! I wished I had excess time to catch my fun and rock my style. But I’m stuck in another man’s dreams and doing all he … Continue reading

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