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Writing Challenge: Media And The Real World

This week’s Mind the Gap: Does watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world? Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap In my own opininion, movies are inspired by the real world and probably vice-versa. Vice-versa, in the sense that … Continue reading

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Companionship: She Was Sweet

The Person, The Place and The Thing! Her name is sweet, she looks sweet and her comportment has always been as sweet as her sweet name, ever since she began being sweet. Her looks are elegant, her words are seasoned … Continue reading

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Prompt: Mobile Phone And Flipping Pages

Answering a question, such as the one below, is not really an easy task. How do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand? Mind The Gap, has … Continue reading

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Short Fiction/Poem: Little Eight Year Old Boy

SHORT FICTION/POEM LITTLE EIGHT-YEAR OLD BOY This little eight-year old boy is up in the ceiling again! He must be back to his usual pranks of rewiring fans and lights. He replaces connections to switches, I really wonder his gain. … Continue reading

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Poem; Easy As Pie Is Life

POEM Easy as pie is success in life for those who apply wisdom. Many may try and get frustrated without a single blossom. Easy as pie is fulfilment in life for those as brave as a lion. They may run … Continue reading

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As A Man Thinketh

Knowest thou not that thy thoughts formeth impressions which createth illusions that thou referreth to as reality? If thou thinkesth that thou art in the midst of foes, thou shalt assume that every action emanateth from ill intension. Such manner … Continue reading

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My Umbrella

There was once a period that I spent most moments alone. I was determined to change my circumstances and I was certain that the people around me were consuming my time and resources at the expense of my own personal … Continue reading

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The Interaction Of Senses

Sweet sounds simply stay safe in my mind while warm words would wilfuly weld my thoughts. Mild but effective, slow but powerful, soft yet intense. Control does not necessarily mean force but it sure sounds like it. Guidance may, on … Continue reading

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