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Who Are You?

My question for you today is; who are you? I am not asking what you are worth, I am rather asking what is your identity or better still; how do you perceive yourself? Who I am should not be determined … Continue reading

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Recognize Yourself: Fulfilment, Peace And Self Discovery, Support/Enhance Each Other

Life’s Secrets To Self Discovery And Peace Recognize yourself! Imitating others will not grant you the fulfilment that you crave. How will you recognize yourself if you have not discovered yourself? Discover yourself! Attempting the ventures of others will not … Continue reading


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Find Your Dreams

Everybody has a dream naturally. Many are aware and many are not. The fact that you’ve ever felt threathened, hurt or abused is proof that you have some dreams to defend. The fact that you’ve ever felt excited, hopeful and … Continue reading

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