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Prompt: Unemployment And Resourcefulness

This post is in response to: Daily Prompt: Think Global, Act Local. There is a rapid increase in the population of the world. Numerous amenities are fast becoming insufficient and simultaneously unaffordable. The health institutions, educational sector and job market … Continue reading

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Prompt: My Definition of Flangiprop

My Definition of the Word Flangiprop, in response to Daily Prompt: Flangiprop! Flangiprop means to refine the rough edges of character, attitude or behaviour. Flagipropping is only achievable by disciple. To be flangipropped means to have been disciplined in a … Continue reading

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Haiku: Through my window

Haiku She’s up at dawn diligently washing I see her through my window Teecee. Haiku: Through my window In response to: Daily Prompt: Through the Window

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