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Work It Out If It’s Worth It

Are You Tired? Is your pursuit worthwhile? Are their benefits if you accomplish? Are you satisfied with your current perfomance? Will you be more fulfilled if you finish? Would you prefer to remain at this level or to reach your … Continue reading

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I Won’t Stop Loving

What’s popping? I’m sure life is rocking because whether or not you are calling, you’ll focus on fleeing from falling. I’m just hailing! Please add smiling to your working! The words are rhyming and this is getting interesting. It is … Continue reading


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Don’t Stop Now!

Continuing makes you more likely to get there than quitting. It is better to endure momentary pain in order to enjoy perpetual pleasure than to enjoy momentary pleasure and end up remaining in perpetual pain. Don’t stop now! -Nnamonu Tochukwu. … Continue reading

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