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Do You React or Do You Respond?

Do you react or do you respond? Reaction may be by reflex and could be spontaneous but a response should be a well thought expression or action. Panic may be a reaction to certain circumstances but caution and vigilance could … Continue reading

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Prompt: My Definition of Flangiprop

My Definition of the Word Flangiprop, in response to Daily Prompt: Flangiprop! Flangiprop means to refine the rough edges of character, attitude or behaviour. Flagipropping is only achievable by disciple. To be flangipropped means to have been disciplined in a … Continue reading

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The Power Of Habit

Let us briefly explore my opinion on the power of habit. “The more you do a thing, the better you get at it.” Doing a thing consistently, reduces resistance, minimizes complacency/nonchalance and increases interest, towards that particular thing. An understanding … Continue reading

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Check Yourself

Sometimes you’ve got to pause and check yourself! “Whenever you find yourself alone, check whether you drove everyone else away or whether you withdrew from them.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. “Character is the quality that will retain or pursue the people that … Continue reading

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Character Versus Reputation

Not every round of strife always ends in win or loose nor is it always true that a crowd is right. When facing facts of life and wondering what to choose consider tacts and stance, as if it’s a fight. … Continue reading

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