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Think Your Own Thoughts

Take charge of your mind! A thought just crossed my mind. It is related to Wasted Thought. But this time around, it has to do with channeling or directing our thoughts to the very things that we desire them to … Continue reading

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The Third Personality

Are you a man or a woman? Discover yourself! Man gives, woman receives. Together they build. Man gets to spend woman gets to save together they invest. Men keep catching and keep squandering but the moment a woman catches their … Continue reading

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Live Your Own Life

Never live another man’s life! Life to you must not be what it is to me. Life to one is the movies he has watched. Yet, to another, it’s the songs he has heard. Would you be surprised to know … Continue reading

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Panic, Doubt And Fear

Root them out! Life goes on, we keep growing, and things keep happening. In all of these, I seem to agree with the majority that; the only constant thing is change! Among the numerous things that change are information and … Continue reading

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Default Settings

The human being’s default settings has “self defence” turned on. The implication is simple; blame must be transfered to other people. The ability to see your personal contribution to a misfortune and to take responsibility of it is wisdom. Fools … Continue reading

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Add To Yourself Everyday

If new clothes make you look better, new words would give you better expresion and new thoughts will make you better. It is popularly said; “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” Add to yourself everyday, that’s … Continue reading

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You Can Also Deal With It

Originally posted on Wise Counsel:
I titled this piece “Learn from this” when I began to write, while almost done, I thought of, “All I used to be” and it seems to be ending in; “you can also deal with…

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Break Out

My thoughts have been hovering around the phrase “Break out”. Let me indulge you a little, it may help you too. BREAK OUT Have you ever been stuck, while with one who can help? Or have you been lost before … Continue reading

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Check Yourself

Sometimes you’ve got to pause and check yourself! “Whenever you find yourself alone, check whether you drove everyone else away or whether you withdrew from them.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. “Character is the quality that will retain or pursue the people that … Continue reading

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The Ideal Friend!

If I had a friend that would be there for me, just when I wanted, that would smile, precisely when I need a smile, that would hug me, the very moment I’ll seek a hug and would speak a word … Continue reading

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