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Passion: Blogging From The Bulldozer

I’ve got a passion for blogging! Today’s daily prompt has motivated me to write about passion. Checkout the prompt: Daily Prompt: Blogger in a Strange Land Passion: Blogging From The Bulldozer I once had to compose and send a post … Continue reading

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My Reason For Blogging

Why blog? Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question requests that we answer the simple question; why do you blog? You can try your hands on the question if you are a blogger, or just enjoy the read as you like. I blog … Continue reading

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You Can Reach The World With What You Have

The globe is fast becoming small enough to be accomodated in a computer and even a mobile phone. You can reach the world with what you have. Almost everybody and almost everything is almost just a click away. We manage … Continue reading

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Short Fiction/Poem: Little Eight Year Old Boy

SHORT FICTION/POEM LITTLE EIGHT-YEAR OLD BOY This little eight-year old boy is up in the ceiling again! He must be back to his usual pranks of rewiring fans and lights. He replaces connections to switches, I really wonder his gain. … Continue reading

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BLOGGERS ARE ARTISTS AND SO ARE WRITERS “writers blog, bloggers post, posts are creative pieces and creative pieces are products of artists.” – Nnamonu Tochukwu. I am a writer and now a blogger. I write creative pieces and send them … Continue reading

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Birthday; Everyday’s Relevance

As each block has a role to play in erecting a structure; so does everyday of your life have it’s relevance. May your past enable you to utilize the present to make your future exceptionally beautiful and sweet. You have … Continue reading

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Action Links

Check These Out! All Things Are Possible. Face it with what it takes!. There Can’t Be Progress Without Direction. Take Action!. Stop Worrying; Start Figuring and Continue Working!. Without self discipline, implementing the bulk of these would only be a … Continue reading

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