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Why Blame, Rather Than Take Responsibility

Why Blame Another? Life is full of surprises. Occasionally, we encounter experiences that are an extreme opposite of our expectations. It’s often exciting to take the credit when the experience is a positive one. Unfortunately, the moment an outcome of … Continue reading

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Default Settings

The human being’s default settings has “self defence” turned on. The implication is simple; blame must be transfered to other people. The ability to see your personal contribution to a misfortune and to take responsibility of it is wisdom. Fools … Continue reading

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What a day!

Work went just fine. Most machines on site worked impressively without a breakdown. The backrow that handles excavation stopped occasionally for slight maintenance while the grader had a few leakges that necessitated usage of much more engine oil than usual. … Continue reading

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The game of blame is set to flame

I thought of placing a call but I declined what about a text? I tagged it “keep in view” This is what I expected. Why didn’t it come? Just a feed back from the meeting. Is that too much to … Continue reading

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