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Separate Yourself From The Crowd

The time has come to start separating yourself from the crowd. If everybody was like everyone else, there wouldn’t be great innovations to enjoy. The music we listen to, the movies we watch, the vehicles we admire, the gadgets we … Continue reading

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I Cannot Hate; Be Yourself

I CANNOT HATE; BE YOURSELF! I don’t like to hate, else I would have said; “I hate to hate”. But I just can’t. In fact, maybe I just cannot hate. Don’t judge me yet. That’s just me. I love to … Continue reading

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Beautiful Attitude; Beauty And Admiration.

She Was Beautiful She probably still is beautiful, but I can’t really tell right now, because I don’t even know where to find her. She just sat in a corner, oblivious of the fact that she was being admired. She … Continue reading

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Keep Dancing Your Unique Dance Through Life

If you only dance when everybody else is dancing, you may not be remembered at the peak of excitement. But if you dance even when nobody else sees a reason, you would be invited to lead the dance at the … Continue reading

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Sweet Sms; From Me To You

SWEET SMS; FROM ME TO YOU You are unique and sweet! You have your own unique way of doing things that make you standout. Remain original and teach the world how to be a model as unique and sweet as … Continue reading

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