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Advice: Give Good Thought To Your Life

Do you have the time to give good thought to your life? A friend of mine, microrrelatososhortstories commented on my previous post; Advice: Beauty, Admiration, Standards And Self Optimization, and I agree with her ideas on the fact that it … Continue reading

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The Interaction Of Senses

Sweet sounds simply stay safe in my mind while warm words would wilfuly weld my thoughts. Mild but effective, slow but powerful, soft yet intense. Control does not necessarily mean force but it sure sounds like it. Guidance may, on … Continue reading

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A Good Leader Knows The Balance

When a leader walks, others follow. There is no talisman for the trick. A true leader knows the balance! To know your right is one thing and to use it is another. The greatest of men are those who have … Continue reading

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Many may have thought me a philosopher or better still a mathematician or writer. My About and My Philosophies may have even served as concrete evidence to back-up the thought. Yet, by discipline, I’m simply an Engineer; a Civil Engineer … Continue reading

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