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Quote: Repetition Enhances Precision

Quote “Repetition enhances precision.” In psychology, it is popular opinion that repetition of stimulus enhances discrimination. That is to say that repetition enhances learning. Repetition also enhances memory. “Whatever you do repeatedly, not only says a lot about who you … Continue reading


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Prompt: My Definition of Flangiprop

My Definition of the Word Flangiprop, in response to Daily Prompt: Flangiprop! Flangiprop means to refine the rough edges of character, attitude or behaviour. Flagipropping is only achievable by disciple. To be flangipropped means to have been disciplined in a … Continue reading

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Do Today What You Should Do Everyday

Everyday is a victorious day for victorious people. Today is a blossoming day for blossoming people. Join the league of the victorious and the blossoming by taking charge of your attitude today. Do you want to be surrounded by happy … Continue reading

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10 Things No One Can Steal From You

How amazing it always is to run into a like mind! I stumbled upon this pretty post and I’m just so excited. There are also people out there that value the things worth much to me. This really is a … Continue reading

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Awesome Sayings

I came across these awesome sayings on mysterycoach’s blog and I fell in love with them! Life offers us a lot of stuffs. Some are rocks and some are soft. We must not turn to rocks ourselves to survive because … Continue reading

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Attracting Recommendation

“Starting well, building strong and finishing smooth, sweet and fine is key to being recommended to others. To have done these is to have done a good work” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. See: Good Works Speak. Attracting recommendation requires a beautiful attitude … Continue reading

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Gratitude has no Substitute

“Gratitude; a rare attribute with the multitude. Such attitude generates the magnitude to attain any altitude. In the right amplitude, your gratitude can stir the multitude” Gratitude has no substitute -Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teeceecounsel

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