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Proper Management

While getting things done, always remember that somethings must precede some others while somethings can be done alongside others. For example you don’t need to wait for the water supply before setting-out and excavation is done during drain construction. But … Continue reading

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Becoming A Star

Many times we feel discouraged that people don’t identify with us. We feel so sure that we have something sound and fascinating to offer but nobody seems interested. We go all out to publicize and create awareness how we know … Continue reading

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Success Quote

“Success is like a building; the more you place block upon block, the taller it rises.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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Learn Everyday

Experince they say is the best teacher, try to find a way to keep getting better. One who learns definitely performs, another who earns equally performs. The one who listens learns, won’t you listen? The one who profers solution earns … Continue reading

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Many may have thought me a philosopher or better still a mathematician or writer. My About and My Philosophies may have even served as concrete evidence to back-up the thought. Yet, by discipline, I’m simply an Engineer; a Civil Engineer … Continue reading

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Fix It Quick

It feels good! I did it! Yes I did it and I feel good about it! I thought to myself: “I would only make another post if I make remarkable progress with reading the posts I ought to!” I’m done, … Continue reading

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Another New Day

Another day is here, I must tread without fear banishing all such traits that may lead to despair. Why permit anxiety when I can have hope. Why spend my day in doubt when I don’t dangle on a rope. Just … Continue reading

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Dream Quote

“Dreams are free of charge; dream much! Dream is to life what Capital is to Business and what Seed is to Harvest.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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Standing Tall Versus Compromise

If life was a contest, would you win or compromise? If an argument, would you stand and talk till you cry? Or hold your values, walk away then work to prove them true? Let’s take a look at these together: … Continue reading

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These are secrets because though many seem to know, they don’t seem to understand. Or could it be that they understand but it’s too hard to implement? Whatever the case is; whatever is worth knowing is worth knowing well. I’ve … Continue reading

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