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Originally posted on Thoughts for Growth:
Yesterday I was involved in an in-depth conversation about love: what it’s philosophy(ies) is (are), the perceived psychology behind it and what appears to be its reality.  While thoroughly engrossed in this conversation, I…

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Poem: Love Of My Life; I Love You

Poem You are the love of my life. I desire you with all that I have and all that I am. I keep nothing back from you. I love you. You are the love of my life. My desire for … Continue reading

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Marriage Sms: Happy Married Life

Marriage Sms/Text Message May this union be the begining of greater heights for you. May your societal & universal relevance continue to increase. Two are better than one. Congratulations! Happy Married Life! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. A friend of mine just … Continue reading

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Love: I Am Only Human But I’ve Got Someone To Lean On

As my hands grew weak and my legs trembled, I was sure that I could not hold on any longer. Sweat gushed out from all over my body and my breath had run so far from me that I was … Continue reading

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Ten Practical Secrets To A Success Marriage

Originally posted on Susie Lindau's Wild Ride:
My husband, Danny, and I celebrated our 25th anniversary on October 10th. Many have asked, “What’s your secret to a happy marriage?” Here are my Top Ten Secrets! Secret #1: You have…

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Originally posted on It's a New Day…:
Day 268 Question 268: What is your philosophy on love/relationships? And here we come back to the endless topic of love.  The other night I had a long conversation with a very…

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Originally posted on Sharing Thoughts:
What are friends there for? If not for, care, Concern and adulation. For being comfortable, In silence and in communication. For supporting each other, In every difficult situation. For helping each other, Without any humiliation.…

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A Little Weird

Originally posted on The Storyteller's Garden:
SOURCE: The world-wide-web CREDITS & COPYRIGHT:  To whoever made it

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Few Words Of Love, To Express The Way I Feel

FEW WORDS OF LOVE A few words to cheer you up today: SPECIAL: Thats how I think of you. UNIQUE: That’s how I see you. INTERESTING: That’s how I feel you. THANKFUL: That’s how you sound to me. All four … Continue reading

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Sweet words may saturate my mind, but I can’t think of one sweet enough for you. Your bright beauty can be seen by the blind, no algorithm can calculate you. Sweet words are all over the place, but all are … Continue reading

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