July Sms: Second (2nd) Half Good Wishes And Messages

July Sms

Second (2nd) Half Good Wishes And Messages

The 2nd Half of the year has begun!
As time keeps ticking, keep recording remarkable progress.
May your endeavours culminate into favourable outcomes.
Happy new month!
Happy July!

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
It’s the second half of the year and I thought it wise to send my good wishes and goodwill messages through sms to my dear ones.
Keeping in touch is important in maintaining a healthy relationship with friends, colleagues, neighbours, relatives, customers and even prospects.
Like the sms points out; “time keeps ticking”. It is important that we make good use of every opportunity that comes our way by maximizing productivity and utilizing potentials.
“keep recording remarkable progress”. In every process, progress is the evidence of advancement. Like I often say, success is not stumbled upon. A new month is a good opportunity to wish our loved ones well and to remind them that progress is key to the success process.
“May your endeavours culminate into favourable outcomes”. Everybody makes one effort or the other. Everybody is driven by one aspiration, ambition, dream or desire. Many people have written out comprehensive aims and objectives. A few others may have enumerated goals or listed intentions. All of these keep life going.
This sms recognises the fact that we all make effort towards achieving our dreams, improving our conditions or just surviving.
The sms also recognises the fact that very often the unexpected happens.
“Outcomes” remind me a lot about probability. Probability refers to the possibility of an event occuring.
Wouldn’t it be beautiful to keep experiencing favourable events?
With this sms, I would like you to know that your effort towards genuine success adds up to produce favourable results.
Don’t relent from doing good, the good wishes we have for one another always places life in our favour.
Love one another and win through the rest of the year.
Second half is the time to beef up your game.
July Sms: Second (2nd) Half Good Wishes And Messages

About teeceecounsel

Who am I really? Can that be defined yet? Probably by the time I'm long gone and all the pieces of my activities are compiled and analysed then you can know what you want to know about me. Meanwhile, I write. Not because I love writing but because I love people. I love to care and love to share. I'm a deep thinker and I love to believe in the impossible. The ideal is attainable and a shot at it must be given. Don't say 'It won't work' rather ask 'how will it work? Nobody is ever doomed unless they made the choice. To resist good and to adopt evil is already doom. To loose hope is to choose doom but to believe that every step is a passing phase leading towards your hope is to choose progress. I may go on and on but my posts say it all. I don't force you to agree, I only say enjoy!
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16 Responses to July Sms: Second (2nd) Half Good Wishes And Messages

  1. cobbies69 says:

    Teecee may all your wishes and friendships remain strong also,, always love reading your inspiring posts.. thank you.. 🙂

  2. geeton1 says:

    Beautiful and so full of thoughts and reminders for us all to do… 😉

  3. success is not stumbled upon–love this line

    • Thanks dear. I love the line too. I know I’ve used it in one of my previous posts, but I’ve lost track of which one in particular. If we do what it takes to get what we want, then we will have what we want. There is always a loving and legitimate way. That’s the way that produces results that are accompanied with joy. I appreciate your words! 🙂

  4. Great words from a great mind to great people like us. Your posts are so inspiring. i’ll keep checking back.
    If you ever want to read about Africa, her people and culture, don’t hesitate to visit http://danielfalonipe.wordpress.com Thanks.

    • I’m so glad that you appreciate my words this much. It’s also interesting to know that you would like me to pay a vist to Africa. Well, it may surprise you to know that I’ve been in Africa all my life, because I’m not only African, I’m Nigerian. I may just be your neighbour you know? Smiles!
      Thanks for stopping by. Neither location nor language differenciates those that are of like minds. We are one.
      Looking foward to seeing more of you around. 🙂

  5. Hey, i like this, a message celebrating the start of a new month and reminder of the good things it can bring if you set your mind towards it…I started adding a poem (not by me) based on the month on my home page but could not find something I liked for July so I posted a funny quote on vacations… jejejeee… so good to read you my friend 🙂 Alexandra

    • Life is a process, and progress is critical in every process if there must be success.
      In as much as we often wish success for ourselves, we ought to always wish the same for others.
      Time keeps ticking, never waiting for anyone. Those who make the best use of every opportunity and take time to both strategize and implement strategies often stand out.
      A new month and a second half is sure enough reason to send some wishes and tips.
      I appreciate your words, dear friend and I’m glad you found something good for July.
      Keep up your good work with your students and children.
      Regards to all.

  6. Yes Son it is all about Love, a very wise perception, it’s all about God’s Love and when we walk as Jesus walked valuing His friendship above all things, we have deep inner Joy, even in times of sadness because we know God will work it all out for good.

    Christian Love from us both – Grannie Annie

    • Love is the greatest gift in life, Grannie Annie.
      The best way to enjoy love is to share it.
      Ofcourse, what goes around comes around.
      “Give and it will be given to you; good measures, pressed down, shaken together and running over…”
      As long as we keep sharing the love of God that we’ve got, life keeps getting more beautiful for us and all those around us.
      I’m just realizing in years that I didn’t get to respond to this your lovely comment.
      Remain blessed!

  7. Wishing you all the best, Teecee 🙂

  8. All the best to you too, dear.
    It has really been a while!

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