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Sms: Sharing The Beauty Of Life

Sms Sharing The Beauty Of Life My dear friend, no matter how interesting you think your solitary life is, it gets even more interesting when shared. If life is a story, tell it. Whether your life’s story is of pain … Continue reading

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Sms: Friend, Be True To Yourself

Sms Friend, Be True To Yourself My friend, in all honesty, it is tempting to attract the crowd but experience has thought me that fulfilment is better than fame and contentment more honourable than a popular name. One faithful friend … Continue reading

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Naija Slangs: Broken Or Pigeon English

“Weekly Writing Challenge: A Manner of Speaking“, has prompted me to try my hands on what we call Broken or Pigeon English in Nigeria. It’s a language of it’s own or should I say; a manner of speaking. Don’t panic … Continue reading

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