Writing Challenge: Media And The Real World

This week’s Mind the Gap: Does watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world?

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

In my own opininion, movies are inspired by the real world and probably vice-versa.
Vice-versa, in the sense that the real world is also inspired by movies.
Some lunatics have manifested as a result of movies or stories that stuck in their minds and they gave so much thought to.
We cannot completely blame the things that happen in society on the movies, when most movies are based on true life stories or aimed at addressing real life situations.
The news alone or media that portrays terrorism, cruelty, gangsterism, nudity, violence and all such vices, is already sufficient to polute minds or to trigger hatred, anger, revenge and resentment.
What happens in real life influences the media and the media influences what happens in real life. It’s a two-way thing and one cannot be separeted from the other.
Yet, either way, people often tend towards a certain particular direction, probably due to culture, habit or mindset.
The same way some people claim to be hot-tempered and would exhibit certain particular tendencies as a result, so do many people respond to their experiences or the media with certain particular range of reactions.
A person who is predominantly looking for a chance to revenge, may find some reason or inspiration to carry-out the revenge through the media. While exactly the same information that motivated revenge in one person may trigger pity or remorse in another person.
“As a man thinks in his heart, so he is”. The bulk of what makes a man who he is come from what he thinks within and what he habours in his heart.

So whether violent movies inspire violence in the real world or not, I am also certain that the violence in the real world often inspires violence in the movies.
People write scripts and shoot movies to entertain, to teach lessons, to create impressions, to correct notions and to induce ideas. Apart from a few people who have alterior motives, I believe that most scripts are well intended.
There should definitely be establishments that sensor movies and presentations that are shared through the media.
Information is powerful; it can either reform or deform not just a person, but an entire community.
Culture is not limited to the traditional dresses we were and the language we speak, it also includes the information we share and the characteristics we exhibit.
The things we do make up the stories that we create and the stories that we create in turn influence our society either positively or negatively.
The responsibility is on us to discipline ourselves to interprete the media in a way that it would enhance us and not impede us. It is also our responsibility to promote both information and experiences that improve both individual and collective well-being.
Our movies, no doubt, have an influence on our lives, so do our lives have an influence on our movies.
When we set our priorities right and become the type of people that we ought to be, it would reflect in our movies. We must have worthy virtues to pass down to the upcoming generations.
The values that we express through the media have a great deal of influence on our society, it is important to have a means of evaluation and control.
The things that are in-built would always find a reason to manifest and the things that manifest would always find their way into stories.
The world of movies and reality keep rotating around each other. Whether our movies are expressed in the futuristic or seem to be entirely fictional, they still portray our values to a large extent.
The peace that we long for must first of all start from within us, spread into our activities and then dominate our media, before we can enjoy both a peaceful real world and peaceful movies.
This is the way I see the connection between movies and the real world.
Have you considered the relationship between movies and the real world?

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Writing Challenge: Media And The Real World


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3 Responses to Writing Challenge: Media And The Real World

  1. Ron says:

    Teeceecounsel thank you for your thoughtful treatise on art movies and life. They say ‘art imitates life ‘and I`m sure that is true ,for some things that have happened in life ,could never have come from script writers mind. No doubt with the flood of violence we see in games that children play surely they must have a ripple down effect, in future behavioral patterns as they say rubbish in rubbish out. It`s nice to know the Bible provides lifeguides and patterns for living without all that .


    • Thanks so much, Ron!
      Your response is beautiful and straight to the point. The kind of games and movies that children are exposed to would definitely have an effect on their perception of life.
      The Garbage In, Garbage Out concept is not just theoretical. The media is important in reforming minds. As much as is within our ability, we should make worthy contributions towards making a difference.

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