Relationship: Seven keys to attracting and retaining people

Relationship: Seven keys to attracting and retaining people

Though life brings us in contact with numerous people consistently, a great proportion of the responsibility to get along with them lie on us. We can attract people by being exceptional and we can retain them by being trustworthy.
This post is intended to list the keys that must become part of us, to enable us to more efficiently convert contacts to relationships and to retain them. WordPress inspired this list by; ‘Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a List‘. Seven keys are listed below with brief descriptions to clarify the concepts that each highlighted key portrays.

Seven Keys to Attract People And To Consolidate Relationships:

1) Be cheerful: Consistency is the key that makes each of these keys to count in both attracting people to a relationship and retaining a relationship. Cheerfulness covers disposition, countenance and attitude. Smiling, being polite, well mannered, welcoming and optimistic are part of being cheerful.

2) Be attentive: this involves being observant, paying attention to details and listening. Being attentive makes you sensitive and sensitivity lets you identify your time of relevance. You can always identify when a stranger needs some assistance, and offering a helping hand at the crucial moment instantly establishes a connection. Be alert and open-minded.

3) Be caring: this involes showing concern, willingness to share and being able to respond to the needs that you are able to identify. Generosity is a plus on this matter.

4) Be available: Be reachable by your physical presence and alertness as much as possible. Be conscious of your surrounding and look out for any signal that could give a clue that you are needed. Where contact has been established, ensure that the links you provide are viable and would enable approved recipients to reach you. Be objective too, obstinacy keeps one unavailable. Be true to yourself, though…

5) Be focused: Your attention span or capacity may be strained if it is directed towards everything and everybody. Be careful enough to prioritize your targets and do not loose sight of the vital… Rightly differentiate the urgent from the important.

6) Be exceptional: You are unique. That already makes you exceptional. Excellence distinguishes, and so you must be as careful, precise and thorough as possible in carrying out any responsibility that falls on you.

7) Be reliable: always say what you mean and mean what you say. Be an asset and not a liability. Anticipate challenges ahead of time and readily provide solutions at the appointed time. Become a person that can be counted on.

Remember, consistency is the single key that makes any key count. Retaining people in relationships is not a hit and run affair, neither is it a wait and take business.
Long lasting relationships; whether customer/client relationships or casual relationships, often work out better without obvious manipulation. When things flow naturally and both action and reaction seem spontenuous, everybody feels at home.
The truth about attracting and retaining people in relationships is that you cannot be who you are not for too long. You just have to be the best of yourself by becoming a more attractive and welcoming person.
Your good looks and your appearance may project you for admiration. Beauty may be a source of attraction, but character sustains a relationship. Physical beauty and outward appearance may make people want to meet you or make people accept you when you meet them, but your character would make people want to stick with you. The way you treat and respond to people affects what happens after contact.
Fortune has met with a few people and many people refer to it as luck. You can only attract who you are and you can only keep what you have. Be sure to become who you ought to be if you must get to where you want to go.
Birds of the same feather flock together, so birds must change their feathers if they must change their company.
Like-minds attract each other. Beauty attracts beauty. Choose carefully and act wisely, but to attract the best for yourself, you must become the best of yourself.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Relationship: Seven keys to attracting and retaining people.

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17 Responses to Relationship: Seven keys to attracting and retaining people

  1. sheila says:

    Thank you these are really helpful tips. I try to be reliable but people around me don’t seem to do same for me and this is heartbreaking.

    • You are welcome, Sheila. It is rare to find people who recognize and appreciate the sacrifices that we make for their good. Not too many people reciprocate and that could be sincerely disheartening.
      It takes one who is different to make a difference. Standout, all the same, and you’ll be glad you did not join the crowd. Thanks much for stopping by! 🙂

  2. be sure to become who you ought to be — love this thought

  3. Wonderful and very wise 🙂

  4. mithriluna says:

    Definitely wise and practical counsel. Thanks for sharing.

  5. “to attract the best for yourself, you must become the best of yourself ” yes, I agree… May I add the fact that friendship or any other meaningful relationship runs on a two way street, where, as you well say, being true to oneself is the starting point… After many disappointments finding out that people expect more than they give, I decided to give without limitations to those who I sense will appreciate me, few give back with the same intensity and that’s OK because those people are the few I hold dear and near to my heart… I have come to terms with having more acquaintances than friends…accepting that relieved me of going through unneeded disappointments… Love your list my dear friend 🙂 I had no time to respond to this very interesting prompt, read you soon, Alexandra

    • That’s a good observation; people’s responses could be disheartening sometimes. You’ve deviced a lovely strategy to get along in life. Prioritizing relationships and focusing can save you a lot of avoidable stress and unnecessary discomfort. Only very few people reciprocate the attention and care that is offered them.
      Majority of the people we come across are self consumed and occupy themselves with the things that matter only to them.
      Rather than impose ourselves, our ideas and our goodwill on people that would make us feel bad, we can always focus on the best and most productive options. It’s even better to be alone than to connect with people that would take our joy away.
      From time to time, we meet people that resonate with us and healthier relationships emerge from such contacts if we are willing to commit to them.
      I appreciate your contribution as always. Thanks for sharing your own experience and approach to life!
      You are one unique friend. 🙂

  6. cobbies69 says:

    I am all these which makes me unique,,,heehee!! lovely words thanks 😉

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