Daily Prompt: Learning A New Skill

You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?

I would try to answer this question about my learning style, in response to: Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment.

My dear, when I want to learn a skill, all I need is to be aware that such a skill exists and to be excited about learning it.
The moment I see an opportunity to learn the skill, I’m grabbing it by trying it out myself.
I love to learn new dance steps. My learning style is simple. Whenever I just hear the name of a dance step that I’ve not heard before and I have enough interest to get excited about it, I’ll start looking out for the moves, either in a video or on someone dancing around.
The moment my mind captures the moves, I go trying it out.
I love to feel my body move.
I love to try out numerous combination of body movements at the same time.
Reading about a skill alone, watching someone else do it or hearing someone describe it, would only work as a motivation to learn.
I can vividly remember learning to ride a bicycle. I was trying it out by myself. I always stood up, each time I fell, and I continued to try it out.
Learning is a process that needs to be practiced, rehearsed or repeated severally.
The more you do a thing, the more it seems to come out more effortlessly.
With so much practice and rehearsal, certain skills would appear to have come naturally.
Learning introduces change. Changes that occur from learning are often relatively permanent. Learning occurs through an experience or through experiences.
Learning styles may differ, but before learning can occur, there must be readiness to learn, motivation to learn and relevant processes, materials and experiences that would effect the required change that would bring about the desired skill.
Learning to swim should best be done in water. Some theories are important. Watching, reading or hearing someone describe the learning process of a skill may build some confidence and improve a person’s psychology, but in my opinion, actual learning involves having a feel of the experience and trying a hand on the processes.
Have you had any experiences with learning?
You could share your learning style.
Daily Prompt: Learning A New Skill.

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Who am I really? Can that be defined yet? Probably by the time I'm long gone and all the pieces of my activities are compiled and analysed then you can know what you want to know about me. Meanwhile, I write. Not because I love writing but because I love people. I love to care and love to share. I'm a deep thinker and I love to believe in the impossible. The ideal is attainable and a shot at it must be given. Don't say 'It won't work' rather ask 'how will it work? Nobody is ever doomed unless they made the choice. To resist good and to adopt evil is already doom. To loose hope is to choose doom but to believe that every step is a passing phase leading towards your hope is to choose progress. I may go on and on but my posts say it all. I don't force you to agree, I only say enjoy!
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21 Responses to Daily Prompt: Learning A New Skill

  1. Yes I agree, one must really want to learn πŸ™‚

  2. cobbies69 says:

    I am still learning after years of guitar playing,, youtube is very handy..:)

    • Sure! Learning never ends. Youtube kind of brings your teacher home! πŸ™‚ Playing along with the teacher makes it a whole lot more fun than looking at static pages of a book.

  3. I have to watch or just go do it my self. NEVER from a book I need VISUALS!!! I LOVE LEARNING NEW THINGS!!!

  4. kalabalu says:

    I am learning to make less mistakes

  5. Learning never stops because we never stop growing

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