Valuables Are Valuable: Shun Negligence

Negligence should seize to exist in the path to success, excellence and fulfilment.
Whenever you notice that a valuable is damaged or lost, it is wise to take a closer look and make a useful move.
Mourning the loss or feeling sad may be justifiable, but it is wiser to go beyond that.
Brainstorm or investigate on how the loss of such valuable could improve your conduct, performance or preservative tendencies.
Take your observations seriously, note your discoveries and ensure that any possible re-occurence would be prevented.
You should ask yourself, or anybody that could have a clue, questions like; how did it happen? What could have caused this? Etc.
You would definitely find answers or clues to more answers.
If you found the right answer then you would be able to notice similar valuables that are already exposed to the same risks or dangers that caused the loss or damage of the initial valuable.
Again, in addition to being aware of potential risks and dangers, it is important to both eliminate the source of the risks and to rescue your valuables from exposure to them.
Always act on things that come to your notice and be conscious of the things that are happening around you.

It is necessary to secure exposed valuables as fast as possible.
With proper observation while securing valuables, you may discover other potential threats.
The new threats may not just be harmful to valuables, they may even be environmental hazards or health threats.

Damage done to a valuable or loss of a valuable is often an indication of a loop hole that should be sealed.
Damage or loss is a signal to draw your attention to negligence, so that you can apply precautionary measures.
No wonder it is often said that; prevention is better than cure.
Negligence often creates room for more losses and more damages.
You can prevent the loss or damage of valuables by mere observation and acting on your findings.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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