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Chain Reaction

Have you ever noticed that life is a chain reaction? Wondering how? Have you ever heard the saying that what goes around comes around? That’s a chain reaction. The thoughts we habour influence our actions. Our individual values shape our … Continue reading

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You Can Reach The World With What You Have

The globe is fast becoming small enough to be accomodated in a computer and even a mobile phone. You can reach the world with what you have. Almost everybody and almost everything is almost just a click away. We manage … Continue reading

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Life: Unique Values, Combinations, Reactions And Results

According to science, diffusion is the movement of particles from area of high concentration to area of low concentration. Reaction, on the other hand, is the combination of two or more substances to form one or more other substances with … Continue reading

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You Are Unique: Become The Best Of Yourself

You are unique; shine your light with confidence. You have no appologies for being who you where created to be and where you find yourself! Simply make the best out of it by becoming the best of yourself. Don’t loose … Continue reading

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Any Lessons?

We can learn some lessons when we avoid judging others. Or so I think. Concluding hastily and reacting spontaneously, out of either anger or an impression, often deprives people of some important lessons. Acting in a hurry is not always … Continue reading

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Message: You Are My True Friend

A Message To My True Friend True friendship is more valuable than money! All the money in the world cannot make life better in a dessert but just a single friend can make all the difference. A true friend is … Continue reading

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Question/Quote: Hopeless Situation

Quote “How could you conclude that the situation is hopeless, without attempting to exhaust the various ideas that you accumulated?” Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. Question/Quote: Hopeless Situation.

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Who Is Responsible For The Problem

Originally posted on To Be Aware:
2 people are pulling a rope from both ends, Let’s call them Eric and George. In the middle of the rope there is a tension. Totally terrified that the rope might rupture, you run…

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Quotes: Happiness From Having And Wanting

Quotes “Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.” -Rabbi H. Schachtel. “We already have all it takes to be happy; happiness does not come from outside, but from within.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. Quotes: Happiness From … Continue reading

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Originally posted on the ChangeYourLife blog:
Hiya, Sometimes you just have to accept that someone or some situation is not going to go the way you want. Instead of being stubborn and trying to force the issue, try a new…

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