Life: Unique Values, Combinations, Reactions And Results

According to science, diffusion is the movement of particles from area of high concentration to area of low concentration.
Reaction, on the other hand, is the combination of two or more substances to form one or more other substances with completely different properties from the initial combining substances or reactants.
Reactions may be chemical, nuclear or a natural response to stimulus, opinions and emotions.

The world is full of unique substances. Some substances neither change physically nor chemically when mixed together. In other words, differences between substances does not guarantee a reaction.

Neither diffusion nor reaction is compulsory in either mixtures or combinations.
Each unique substance has it’s unique properties which determines each unique outcome with each unique combination.

Life is the same as depicted by the combinations and mixtures in science.
Individuals have unique qualities that create unique results in unique environments.
Individuals merge to produce completely new qualities in some cases and certain individuals cannot even merge.
Probably there is something unique in each unique person that triggers a unique reaction with each unique combination.

In chemical reactions, there are catalysts. Catalysts are substances that speed up a chemical reaction but themselves remain unchanged.
In life, certain people can stir a crowd to excitement without getting excited. Certain people can motivate other people to take action or disuade people from their intended actions, without even being influenced by their own contributions.

Sometimes, an event takes place and it is taken for granted until the media blows it up. Agitations arise and even revolutions follow.
In life, there are actors, spectators and even the unaware.
Our locations and associations may have a role to play in our experiences, but our uniqueness or unique properties often contribute the greatest in determining the outcome of a combination that includes us.

What is usually your reaction?
It tells a lot about you.
What does the company you keep make you do?
It tells a lot about the combination.
Are you improving or deteriorating?
Are you getting happier or unhappier?
Are you accomplishing more or less by the day?
Does your presence generate good results or bad results?
Do you cause tension or do you build people’s confidence?
The kind of thoughts you keep are often the qualities you introduce into a combination.
Learn to love, to trust and to be true to yourself.
Transfer the same respect and confidence that you have for yourself to every single person that you come across.
People may not be disciplined, they may not be properly informed, but you could have also be in the same shoes.
So learn to be patient with those that are willing to learn.
Learn to associate with those that will bring out the best in you.
Learn to dissociate from activities that keep you in regret, depression and guilt.
Be the best of yourself.
Identify the best conditions and combinations for yourself.
Stick with the truth, that would give you peace.
Share the truth with those that appreciate it and it will give you joy.
Together with peace and joy, the world can be made a better place.
Let us make the difference that we can make by becoming the best of ourselves and combining with the best individuals that will accord us the privilege of producing the best results.
This should be true in every relationship including friendship and marriage.
We should consider these strongly in our career choices and selection of team mates.
Life is beautiful when we consistently apply the most appropriate combinations that generate our desired results.

Don’t be diluted.
Don’t loose concentration.
Be the best of yourself and align with the best of companions.
Concentration affects the rate of reactions.
Dilution reduces the effect of each unique substance.
Beware of the effects of diffusion, that’s precisely what association does.
Movement of particles from area of higher concentration to area of low concentration.
Osmosis is not out of the question. Osmosis, if I can recall properly, is the movement of particles from area of higher concentration to area of lower concentration, through a semi-permeable membrane.
It is good to take not of the mediums through which we either dissipate or accumulate our values.
Values determine a whole lot about our reactions. Values form our unique qualities. Values determine our priorities and our choices. Our values affect our behaviours in certain conditions and with certain combinations. We must guard our values with all diligence.

Our feelings, results and extent of accomplishment are often dependent on our values and our combinations.
We all are unique and exhibit certain unique qualities in certain unique conditions and with certain unique combinations.
Each unique combination also generates a unique result, and if our results matter to us, then so should our values and our combinations.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
The science of substances, properties, concentration, diffusion, combinations, reactions, results, uniqueness, qualities, values and life.
Life: Unique Values, Combinations, Reactions And Results


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