Children are beautiful gifts of life.
Children are so much fun to be with.
Children smile, children cry, but their presence keeps adults on their toes.
With children around, adults are up and doing.
In the company of children, adults have a sense of responsibily.
Children are swift to learn and imitate.
Children are skilled in mimicking.

An understanding of the way children receive and replicate the things they see adults do, should aid adults in deciding where to go and what to do, when around their children.
Many parents are indisciplined and ill mannered. Such parents, irrespective of what words they communicate to their children, often leave impressions and traits that are picked up and copied by their children.

Children are young, ignorant and inexperienced. They often are not aware of the implications of their actions. Children very dependent on adults and may be very inefficient and unreliable in certain advanced tasks. Due to the ignorance of children, they can cause a commotion in the middle of an important meeting, without even reallizing their excesses.
Children are often naive and averse to certain strangers. A parent can commit them into the hands of a reliable stranger, but due to the ignorance of the children, they create a scene of panic or embarrasment, in their innocent quest for safety.

Children often do not conform to routine patterns, like sleeping time, work time, playing time, etc. They often feel that every time should be spent giving them attention. They could wake up in the middle of the night and start demanding attention without remorse. They could ease themselves in the middle of the bed or right in the seat of a car. Their discretion, is not often reliable, depending on their age.
A child, conventionally, is anyone below the age of eighteen. Children are often referred to as minors, within the legal jurisdiction. Parents are expected to take responsibility of the actions of their children. Some children may be smart and exceptionally responsible, yet, it is not recommended that their discretion be completely trusted. Their should always be an experienced adult, overseeing the affairs of children.

Children grow, and they are often inclined to stick to behaviours that conform to their nuture. The environments where children are brought up, often determine, to a large extent, how they behave as adults. The languages they speak, are often the languages they were exposed to as kids.

Good upbringing often reflects in adulthood. I personally believe that no attention given to a child is wasted. It is good to build children up to be responsible. To expose them to capcity building exercises and to empower them to think and handle situations. Exposing children to responsibilitie, with proper supervision, enables them to learn as they grow. Doing every single thing for a child, keeps the child naive and dependent. Confining a child too much or concealing a child from reality, often breeds rebelion or a desire to break out.
Maturity and wisdom must always be applied in raising kids. Giving children the right things and in the appropriate quantities, is not usually a very easy factor to determine.
The required patience to stick by a kid or numerous kids, through all the rigors of childhood, is not a very common virtue.
Yet, investing time and training in children is never a waste. Soon, children will run the affairs of nations and the world. Only with time, children will become adults. Very soon, their decisions will influence economies and their choices will shape the society.

While it is still our responsibilty to deposit value and virtue into kids, we must be diligent and intelligent with the task. We must be close enough to provide direction and far enough to give room for development. We must create an atmosphere that is conducive for learning and improvement, so that our kids would have more leverage than us. We should make sufficient provision to provide them a platform to be relevant and to contribute positively to the society.

Children are priceless, they are the future.

I love kids! We were often taught as kids that children are the leaders of tomorrow. Today, we are no longer children!
Children learn comportment, manners and the bulk of what they carry into adulthood from their observation of what the adults do.
Children are a check on us.
Rather than hide, or teach them lies, we should sit up and do the necessary things that will get them to their peak performance in life.
Kids should go along with us to wherever we go.
If we consider them a nuissance, then let us learn to stay at home with them, until they are presentable.
Would a baby-sitter have my taste? I strongly doubt.
There are definitely funtions that cannot permit the presence of children and their are occasions that we definitely cannot take kids to, but we should always bear in mind that we succeed, whenever we succeed with children.

Children may be naughty, children may be noisy, children may even be nice, but what children become, depends on us.

I was motivated to write this, as my response to; Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

The future depends on children!

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11 Responses to Children

  1. boomiebol says:

    My friend and I were having a conversation like this post about a few hours ago. Nicely done

  2. meiro says:

    Children may be naughty, children may be noisy, children may even be nice, but what children become, depends on us.
    Yes it depends on us.!!!

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  4. Thanks for the ping back, and for coming by the blog post, sharing your thoughts!

  5. ElizOF says:

    Beautiful write up on children… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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