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The Meaning Of Wise Counsel

THE MEANING OF WISE COUNSEL Wise counsel may be brief but it is vast. Wise counsel may be short but contains much. Wise counsel is a name, but it is also a story. The meaning of wise counsel can be … Continue reading

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How To Have A Great Day

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    How To Have A Great  Day….. Get enough sleep…      Don’t forget those morning exercises…      Wash properly and everywhere…         Have a good stretch…      Don’t get out on the…

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You Are A Perfect And A Faultless “You”. You Are Flawless!

You Are A Perfect And A Faultless “You”. You Are Flawless! Faultless? Flawless? Perfect? Have you had experiences or ideas that conflict with these? It is not possible? What is this piece all about? But nobody is perfect! Can a … Continue reading

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“To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to act is really not to know.” ~ Stephen R. Covey Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast…

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Few Words Of Love, To Express The Way I Feel

FEW WORDS OF LOVE A few words to cheer you up today: SPECIAL: Thats how I think of you. UNIQUE: That’s how I see you. INTERESTING: That’s how I feel you. THANKFUL: That’s how you sound to me. All four … Continue reading

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Keep Record, Break Records And Leave Legacies

Keep record, break records and leave legacies! The fact that you cannot count the number of times that you have written or mentioned your name, does not mean that you have referred to your name uncountable times. It only means … Continue reading

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Sweet Sms; From Me To You

SWEET SMS; FROM ME TO YOU You are unique and sweet! You have your own unique way of doing things that make you standout. Remain original and teach the world how to be a model as unique and sweet as … Continue reading

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Hope Leads To Every Destination

Hope Leads The Way To Every Destination With hope you can reach your destination. Enduring a hopless plight is a loop of misery, enjoying an endless path is like a life without hope, which is the same as going nowhere … Continue reading

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10 Things No One Can Steal From You

How amazing it always is to run into a like mind! I stumbled upon this pretty post and I’m just so excited. There are also people out there that value the things worth much to me. This really is a … Continue reading

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Can You Handle What You Accept?

Can you handle what you accept? Are you responsible for the things you complain about? Are you the cause of your problem? I have seen things; things that we see everyday. But detached from my routine, I see things differently. … Continue reading

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