I Love Writing

I love writing

I love writing! Yes, I love to write.
I just can’t express it but I really love to write.
My love for writing, sometimes, seem to consume me.
I get engrossed and lost when my love for writing calls.
I have some piles of chores, yet I’m right here writing now.
Even if it’s an obsession, I admit that I love writing.
Words fly around in my head. I love words a lot. Is that why they saturate my head? I love thinking too.
When I think a lot and have nothing to show for it, I think I’ve Wasted Thought. But when I write and even others use, I feel satisfied. I really can’t afford to waste my thoughts, maybe that’s why I love writing.
Must I have to figure out why I love writing?
I don’t think it’s necessary, I just know that I love writing.
Am I ranting or am I writing? that’s what the love of writing can cause. Let me take it slow and organize my thoughts, but I really can’t hide the fact that I love writing anymore.

Writing has become part of me, I think it completes me.
Words mean much to me and writing gives me a right to form feelings from them, by arranging them in my own way. Writing has no fixed style. Writing is dynamic. Each pattern creates it’s own feeling and it’s own meanings too.
I’m begining to love writing. I love writing, I really do.
Thanks to all of you who keep writing, you bring me inspiration!
Whether you are a blogger or an author, be assured that someone loves what you do.
If you still lack courage to write, make up your mind and start. Those large volumes don’t just come, you build them as you move.
Words are linked by meaning or by rhyme but one set of words always generates a clue for what the next set could be.
Start with a sentence and continue to the next. Before you know what’s happening, you would have written a good piece.
This only works for writers, please forgive me if I’m wrong.
But don’t hesitate to find your love and make it complete you.
Now that I know that I love to write, I’ll just go on and on.
This very piece must have an end but another piece must come.
The more I write, the more I want to write. Please just go and find your own.
I just remembered a quote I came across on wordpress, I may paraphrase but it’s something like this; “I don’t love to write, I love to have written”
things like this really get me thinking. What really do I love? To write or to have written?
I love to think and writing makes me think. And like whoever wrote that quote, I love to have written. That quote made me think, so I love that quote too.
I just found the quote, now I think I can be more precise:
Dorothy Parker-“I hate writing, I love having written.”
I feel like that sometimes, there’s a reluctance to start.
But once I start, a battle starts, of how I would withdraw.
I love writing, or so I think.
I love writing, I’m probably obsessed by it, but I really can’t help it, I so much love to write!
Whatever styles your writings take, know that I love your writings. I’ll have to end this; to have written. I’ll end with “I love you too”.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
I Love Writing.

When asked a question, such as this one; “If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?”
asked by the wordpress, dailypost prompt:
Daily Prompt: Blogger With a Cause, my answer would be “writing”, or would it be “writing blog posts”?
Well, I leave that to your imagination.
I love writing!


About teeceecounsel

Who am I really? Can that be defined yet? Probably by the time I'm long gone and all the pieces of my activities are compiled and analysed then you can know what you want to know about me. Meanwhile, I write. Not because I love writing but because I love people. I love to care and love to share. I'm a deep thinker and I love to believe in the impossible. The ideal is attainable and a shot at it must be given. Don't say 'It won't work' rather ask 'how will it work? Nobody is ever doomed unless they made the choice. To resist good and to adopt evil is already doom. To loose hope is to choose doom but to believe that every step is a passing phase leading towards your hope is to choose progress. I may go on and on but my posts say it all. I don't force you to agree, I only say enjoy!
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13 Responses to I Love Writing

  1. Sleepyxyz says:

    I love writing too, but its another thing entirely that I’m not much good, But I’m working on it

    • The more time you give to it, the better you get at it. I’m glad to know you’re working on it. Soon, you’ll be so good at it that you’ll be amazed ar yourself. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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