I love bloging!
The reason is simple; I get to air my opinion without sentiments.
Tender feelings and emotions often hinder tough lessons.
People would rather defend themselves than accept a lesson.

I once got inspired to compose a 160 character write-up. It perfectly matched the size of an sms or a text message and I sent it to almost all the numbers on my mobile phone, including people that had not contacted me in a long while.
Most people responded by calling and they either expressed disappointment in me or defended themselves enthusiastically. The remaining few asked if they had offended me or someone close to me in one way or the other. I was shocked at their responses but it made me discover how the minds of most people interpret things.
My write-up was never intended to judge neither was it intended to accuse. It was simply to encourage and to teach.
This incident occured about six months ago and I wouldn’t bother myself with locating the exact sms to replicate the words I used, but I can attempt to recall the bulk of it.
It was something like this:

“Have you ever seen a broken bridge?
It is either difficult or impossible to cross over to the other side.
People are bridges to destinations in life.
Treat people with regard!

I could sense fury in the voices of some of the callers.
Some called to appologise and were really sorry for not keeping in touch all the while.
Only one person called to appreciate the relevance and validity of the content of the text.
Could it only have been one person out of over two hundred people that read it with objectivity?
Everybody that called in had their convictions and I was suddenly up against forces that I did not prepare for. I had in my hands a massive issue that I did not bargain for.
Just a few weeks ago, I called a lady who happened to be a recipient of that sms, to rectify an issue with one of my sim cards but she simply refused and pointed her grievances to that text message.
I appologised in bewilderment but her mind was made up.
I still don’t know the extent of the damage caused to the relationships I’ve had with these various recipients but I sent the message with beautiful intensions. I discovered a tip to ensure progress in life and wanted to share it with the people that I cared about but they could not see it the way I intended it. They felt hurt that I was accusing them of things that they couldn’t do and they defended themselves with all the enthusiasm that they could muster.
I still have not figured out why majority of the people arrived at the same interpretation and it was the wrong one.
Could it simply be because each person did not know how many other recipients got the text?
Strange, but I have learnt my lessons. People build fences around themselves and even when you throw gold across, they would interpret it as an offense or trespass.
“Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable!”
Wise counsel is rare but is worth so much, many trample upon it and disregard it whenever it is stumbled upon.
Do not quit when people refuse to appreciate your uniqueness. Do not force it on them either. Rather, find the place where it is appreciated and the people that seek and value it. You would not only be appreciated and celebrated, you would also be richly remunerated!

Not too many of my friends know that I blog but even if they do, they would consider my opinions without having to judge or defend themselves, so long as I air them on the blog.
A blog is neutral and subscription is done willingly. Links to blogs on social network sites are displayed for anybody to click on without compulsion. Therefore, posts cannot be taken as accusations, they would rather be appreciated as ideas that would improve the quality of the life that
we live.
How do you interprete the personal messages that you receive?
Is it objectively or with bias?
Do you accept advice or consider suggestions without justifying your previous actions or exonerating yourself from appearances of allegations?

You may be wondering why I’m sharing this story. I will tell you.
I just composed another 160 character write-up!
Ofcourse it perfectly matches the size of an sms or a text message but I will not make the same mistake I made the last time.
It has a lot to say to one who appreciates it, but if the previous one could be misinterpreted in the magnitude that it was, then this would definitely cause more havoc as a personal sms than the last one did.
This is it:

“Many times we cling to excuses and blame people for whatever lapses we encounter.
Taking responsibility is the first step to growing up!
Get reliable fast!

Anybody who receives this piece as a personal sms would definitely wonder where I am driving to, but as a post on my blog, I really don’t have anything to worry about.
Sometimes life is about impressions. Always be sure that your intensions are expressed appropriately to avoid creating the wrong impression.
As for me, I now know when to prefer a blog post over a personal sms.

-Nnamonu Tochukwu.

About teeceecounsel

Who am I really? Can that be defined yet? Probably by the time I'm long gone and all the pieces of my activities are compiled and analysed then you can know what you want to know about me. Meanwhile, I write. Not because I love writing but because I love people. I love to care and love to share. I'm a deep thinker and I love to believe in the impossible. The ideal is attainable and a shot at it must be given. Don't say 'It won't work' rather ask 'how will it work? Nobody is ever doomed unless they made the choice. To resist good and to adopt evil is already doom. To loose hope is to choose doom but to believe that every step is a passing phase leading towards your hope is to choose progress. I may go on and on but my posts say it all. I don't force you to agree, I only say enjoy!
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11 Responses to PERSONAL SMS

  1. Ezinne says:

    No comments yet, I really dnt see anythn wromg wit the sms that caused a problem, they probably had sth tuggin their minds which U even dnt hv a link to…………smone else wud hv picked the truth in it n worked on wateva it is that was buggin them……keep it up!

    • Thanks! It seems like more friends than I think know about my blog. Smiles! I guess that some kind of insecurity must have blinded those people from picking out the point. My concern is that it seems to have a hold on majority! Thanks once again for stopping by.

  2. I know exactly what you mean teecee. But you know, emails and in person communications can and do get taken wrong. It all depends on each person’s reality at the time, and if they are feeling guilty about something.
    98% of my friends/family don’t read my writings let alone my blogs. Life goes on, and I receive, on occasion amazing responses from others on how my writing actually helped/inspired/encouraged them.
    So keep on teecee. You inspire me.

    • Thanks much! Your words are really encouraging. Life often presents different scenerios and I think that there are always lessons in them. Good intentions can be misinterpreted as ill and goodwill can be read as the opposite. We’ve just got to channel our gifts to the places where they would be both relevant and appreciated. That’s why I love blogs. Thanks once again!

  3. wow lovely quotes both of them it so happens that people are mostly on a defensive mode..and no matter what your intentions they pick up a negative vibe and react…( talking about the response to first one)
    so true take a stand and do it instead of blaming every thing and every one under the sun…
    as i read somewhere i you want to do something you look for a way if you dont want to you will look for excuses…
    beautiful write up

    • Thank you so much! Sometimes when inspiration comes, it is accompanied by a motivation to share with others. In the case of the first one, unfortunatelty, most recipients misinterpreted the message. Treating people with regard is a beautiful thing to do. Well, the next time I considered something worth sharing, I opted for my blog. And I’m glad that you appreciate it.

  4. This is really something. I appreciate you sharing this because it is so much truth behind it. It’s sad but reality how so many take a positive and turn it into a negative because of over analyzing.

    • Could it really be caused by over analysing? Well, it got me thinking and I simply decided that sometimes it is better to be asked for advice before I give it. People who have sort for something specific without finding it would appreciate it’s worth better than the ones who stumble upon it.

  5. buckwheatsrisk says:

    well i’m so offended by that 😉 lol

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