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Think, Realize And Impact

The world’s greatest thinkers were never heard because they never uttered a word! Many men have thought of wealth, power and fame. Among these men, a few played their roles well and got the reward, many spoke about their dreams … Continue reading

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Have You Checked?

“Impressions instigate assumptions which may or may not be true, make proper investigation before drawing conclusions.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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Fulfilment Or Acquisition

Have you ever been in a situation where you keep going after a particular thing and probably keep getting as much of it as you want, only to end up wanting more of it shortly after? Is it money? Have … Continue reading

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Every Woman Is Beautiful

Originally posted on life.aisle:
I have been as sick as a dog the last several days, couldn’t even get out of bed yesterday, so please forgive my tardiness in updating the blog! Thought I’d share a short story with…

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Help; An Extra Hand Or Head

Everbody needs a helping hand sometimes; two heads are better than one. There are times to keep pride aside and get some help; don’t play super hero all the time. Accepting help, especially from your companion, strengthens the bond of … Continue reading

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Our Minds; Our Drawing Sheets

I came across this post and fell in love with it! Whatever we decide to design in our minds is what becomes the content of it. Why not beautify yours with colours since life offers a variety! Life is beautiful … Continue reading

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Nicer Than You Think

Neglecting to say goodnight because you were stressed? Refusing to ask ‘how was your day’ Because you think yours was rough? Avoiding to respond with a smile because you assume that you deserve to be pitied? Whatever your issues are, … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Now!

Continuing makes you more likely to get there than quitting. It is better to endure momentary pain in order to enjoy perpetual pleasure than to enjoy momentary pleasure and end up remaining in perpetual pain. Don’t stop now! -Nnamonu Tochukwu. … Continue reading

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Eliminating Unnecessary Pressure

I wrote a poem “Forgetfulness” and the responses that came showed that a number of people were already in search of it’s antidote. In one of my subsequent posts “There Is Always A First Time“, I mentioned a few tips … Continue reading

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Becoming A Star

Many times we feel discouraged that people don’t identify with us. We feel so sure that we have something sound and fascinating to offer but nobody seems interested. We go all out to publicize and create awareness how we know … Continue reading

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