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If You Insist

Whenever someone offers to pay the bill, it’s best to take what you would have taken if you were to pay the bill yourself. But if you really want much more than you can afford, be smart enough to catch … Continue reading

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Curiosity makes one stick out a neck and another find lost treasure. It drives one to see every speck, searching as if under pressure. He’ll read meaning to every peck prying deeply without measure. Defying strain from a long trek, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on findingmyworth:
 I ran across this today in some old things I had saved. I’m not sure who wrote it, I know it wasn’t me, but whoever did really set the scene and pushed the message across with…

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Principles Quote

“Certain principles govern existence! Working against them is simply working against the ease of existence” -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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The Actor In Me

I have grown so mild, gentle and calm; probably to a fault. I have let people get away with all sorts of things without showing any signs of anger or agression. It appears I never get hurt! It was never … Continue reading

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Weekly Photography Challenge: Down

Down! Though it may be dark and not just down but deep down, it contains water! It’s a well. Whenever you are down, remember that you are worth much. Your true worth is what you have inside!

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Learning From Yesterday

It is routine for me to attend a Sunday service weekly. The last one was quite unique! I got set to embark on my supposedly twenty minutes journey to the venue, when I began to reallize that I probably needed … Continue reading

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Responsibility Quote

“Always take responsibility for your actions; you can’t run too far”. Don’t be a ‘hit and run’ driver. The things you do and don’t face can still come after you. -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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Days of the week

Weeks come and go; and even though there is some kind of routine that makes every week similar, each week is unique in it’s own way! Sunday: this is the very first day of the week but it feels a … Continue reading

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Regret

The person who drove this car would always say “if I had known, I would have been more careful”. Regret.

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