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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

One day this building shall rise and this community shall become a developed city! No matter how bad things may seem, there is hope.

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Don’t be stuck in intentions, get beyond!

I often wonder why our intentions are not proportional to our implementations! A good number of times we come in contact with certain opportunities and we quickly imagine beautiful things that we would do to harness them. We generate mind-blowing … Continue reading

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True Beauty, True Value

The world obviously has it’s ways of evaluating beauty and value. Sometimes it’s good to stop and think rather than follow the crowd with their speculations and unrealistic ideologies. Many have commited suicide at the peak of financial success and … Continue reading

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How to overcome inferiority complex

It feels embarrasing some times that friends go out to have a nice time and one of them feels he/she doesn’t match up with the rest. Obvious shyness or discomfort that is noticeable by observers is already bad enough. Everybody … Continue reading

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Free Yourself and Become!

I used to have dreams! It seems like I’ve even lost d time for that! I wished I had excess time to catch my fun and rock my style. But I’m stuck in another man’s dreams and doing all he … Continue reading

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Let’s go there!

The mind is still the most powerful tool to harness any kind of result desired. With it you can attract feelings, moods, countenances, arrangements, patterns, structure, relationships, wealth, abundance, tangible and intangible substances. It works by conseptuallizing, focusing and staying … Continue reading

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One step at a time!

It’s not over till it’s over! Giving up is not an option while there’s still breath left in u! The game of chess records numerous turn-arounds before a checkmate. Defending a pawn without loosing hope is what many masters do … Continue reading

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Can anyone help?

The very one I desire in the hands of another! From where I come I have this believe ‘that life has enough for everyone’ how can I apply this to my love? The only person I want to spend forever … Continue reading

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The Bulb In My Hand

The bulb in my hand! When indiscipline sets into work and the one in charge begins to loose regard for both time and his word; picking offense only when the subordinate defaults but expects understanding when he needs more help … Continue reading

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Creativity is Within you!

Creativity is Within you!.

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